Health and safety at work: a company safeguard

Healthy staff improve your competitiveness

Employees are only satisfied and motivated – and drive the company forward – if they stay healthy and feel safe and secure at work. Health and safety at work is therefore not simply a mere necessity for the company; it has a direct effect on the company's success.

"Success factor: health and safety at work" covers all B·A·D GmbH services which keep your staff healthy and safeguard your assets. Decades of experience have shown that this drastically reduces the number of accidents- and you reap the benefits.

The following pages provide information about the success factor "health and safety at work". Why not contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hygiene, protection against infection
  • Product safety (CE)
  • „Technical protection”, consulting, instruction, inspection and documentation in the following areas:

    • Equipment and plant requiring special monitoring
    • Biological agents
    • Fire protection
    • Explosion protection
    • Hazardous substances/goods
    • Noise control
    • Medical devices

  • Health & safety coordinators, children's playgrounds
  • Environmental protection (immission control, waste, water protection, hazardous incidents)

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