How to reach us

Our vast network of 190 centres nationwide ensures that we can be reached without delay. Find the centre nearest to you.

  • Headquarters
    Our headquarters in Bonn houses both the management and product development departments. You can contact us using the number 0228/40072-0.
  • Regional sales management offices
    You wish to make use of our services? Our Regional­heads offer general information and we would be happy to offer advice in person.
  • BGM-Zentrum
    Zentrum für Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement
  • Centre
    Contact a subsidiary in your area for an appointment or for inquiries regarding specific medical examinations.
BGM-Zentrum Address Contact
  Zentrum Ludwigsburg - Zentrum für Betriebliches Gesundheitsmangement Monreposstraße 57
71634 Ludwigsburg
Telephone: 07141/99233910

Fax: 07141/99233920
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