How the BAD was established

Occupational health and safety in changing times


In 2001 B·A·D went international. Beginning with AAM GmbH in Italy, subsidiaries and joint ventures develop in many European countries in the subsequent years. With the introduction of SAP R3 as the standard ERP solution all processes within the 190 centers is being standardized. In 2006 B·A·D is once again pioneering the market by introducing a collective salary agreement. One year later B·A·D takes over the occupational health and safety, occupational medicine and EAP service of Deutsche Telekom AG. This year B·A·D was also honored with the prestigious award "Top 100 employers" in the SME sector. This success has been repeated in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 with B·A·D achieving 3rd place. In 2008 B·A·D was awarded the Total E Quality award for its special commitment towards the integration of family and business. Today B·A·D is a true example for the values for which it stands: A motivated workforce that leads to better results in its business activities.

The nineties

After the reunification of Germany B.A.D e.V. (friendly association) opened 42 centres in the eastern part of Germany within two years. In 1992 the service “occupational health and safety” was introduced for the first time and in 1993 environmental medicine followed. In 1994 in order to meets the demands of the competing operational business B·A·D friendly association moved it’s operational business to B·A·D GmbH. The achievements of B·A·D GmbH have paid off for both B·A·D and for our customers. In 1995 B·A·D GmbH received the certificate “quality management” according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The eighties

In 1983 the first central laboratories of B.A.D were opened in Düsseldorf and Würzburg. About one million tests are carried out in these laboratories annually. The environment disaster in Tschernobyl and Challengerunglück make clear that environmental protection has never been as fundamentally important.

The seventies

On 12 December 1973 the industrial safety law came into force. In the time of the oil crisis businesses were obliged for the first time to make use of company doctors and safety specialists and set up an industrial safety committee. On May 28th1976, 22 professional associations founded B.A.D registered association, which, one year later was represented throughout Germany with 40 centres and took care of 225,000 employees

At the end of the sixties it was requested for the first time that the workplace should be customised to the employee and not the other way around. It was finally recognised that prevention was the right approach in modern social policy.

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