Our company

B·A·D GmbH is the leading independent service provider in all areas of occupational health and safety and workplace health promotion. Their customers are both from the private and public sectors and represent all lines of business.

Over 270,000 companies and organisations, with over 4 million employees have put their health and safety matters in our hands, they know they can rely on the consistently high standards of service and quality of care we provide.

Our vision is "… to be the leading, independent service group and the preferred partner for high-quality, innovative and pioneering services, focusing on preventive healthcare and occupational safety and health, for the benefit of our customers, their employees and society". Our strategy thus aims to harness our core competencies and strengths to initiate changes at an early stage not only to maintain but also to improve our ability to compete on the market through innovative, effective and future-oriented services.

Since 2006 B·A·D GmbH has been chosen as one of the 100 best medium sized TOPJOB companies.